Digging New York

- Feature-documentary about Danno, a well known Italian rapper from Rome, who traveled to New York looking for the real roots of Hip Hop. -

Title: Digging New York
Country: Italy / Usa, 90 min
Year: 2015

Executive Producer: Daniele Guardia
Produced by: Stefano Lemon, Daniela Croci
Director: Simone Eleuteri
Associate Producer: Frank Jerky
Assistant Director: Stefano Lemon, Daniela Croci
Editing and color correction: Frank Jerky
Assistant Editor: Daniela Croci, Daniele Guardia
Additional Footage: Stefano Ferrari
Production Assistants: Jadon Woodard, Emanuele Garasto, Mattia Minasi
Graphic Design: DeepMasito - Colle der Fomento - Destroy & Rebuild
SoundMixing: Stabber @Rugbeats+ Studio
Soundtracks: Stabber, Dj Craim, Dj Baro Colle der fomento, Dj FastCut, CUNS, Alessio Lottero
Rhymes: Danno - Colle der Fomento