Florida Untitled

- Fake03, Florida Untitled is the third issue of the zine / compilation edited and published by experimental artist Cristiano Grim.
It features an essay curated by photographer Stefano Lemon who explored the last punk communities based in South Florida.
Poignant black and white photography, transformed by the hands of the legendary American graphic artist Zach Hobbs.
Hobbs created an iconoclastic collage where the eucharistic adoration is matched with the holy rituality of moshing. A timeless punk, without sex gender nor race, perched on a tower of beer protected by blood, sweat, chains and loud prayers raged against gentrification. -

Fake03 – Florida Untitled, Fakepress 2022

Music: Armageddon Man, Obsidian, Headfoam, Nunhex, F, Killed by Florida, Die High,Riots Agents, Milkspot, Antifaces, Mammoth Boy.
Mastering: Marco Antonio Spaventi
Lacquer cut: Deepgrove
Crafted: Bordello a Parigi
Production Manager: Riccardo Feleppa
Offset Printing: Snel
First edition October 2022

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